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Burger has always been an astounding food. It is a global sensation satisfying millions of appetites in different countries, cultures and religions. Having achieved worldwide presence, vegans and vegetarians still feel left out when it comes to gourmet burgers. Some of the existing vegan burgers out there are poor imitations of meat patty which makes them underwhelming. Here is the good news! The V Burger made by Lads Burger is 100% plant-based designed to fry, taste and smell outrageously good! Astonishing right?

Burgers are always about people, efficiency, deliciousness and innovation. That is what the V Burger is, creatively satisfying the taste for uncommonly juicy burgers that are plant-based. Therefore if you are a meat abstainer, the V Burger is that gourmet burger for an extraordinary experience that will blow your mind! It delivers all the flavour, aroma and thick rare taste ever desired from just plants!

Here comes the big question what makes Lads V Burger unique? Lads Burger is meticulous and prepares all burgers with passion, an art perfected culinary skills, inspired curated recipes and premium ingredients because Lads cares. The Lads V Burgers are made from mixed fresh vegetables with Iceberg lettuce, homemade pickles, and vegan sauce inside a special bun made from dark wheat and oats. The amazing thing about the V Burger is that it is not overly spongy rather the texture holds together as one would expect in a burger. A bite would give you an equal ratio of all the ingredients, as well as, a delicious and tantalising taste, sending your brain on a hard and indefinable sensation!

Who says Vegan burger can’t be juicy, sizzling, flavorful and gorgeously delicious? V Burger debunks such claims, because the bun squishes, the lettuce crunches, and the pickles snap! If you are looking to reduce or cut out meat but fear you will miss the experience of eating meat, the Lads V Burger is a solid substitute. It is tasty, light, and ethical – what more could you want?

Food is a necessity. We all need to eat to gain enough strength to carry out our day to day activities. However, for some people, food is not just food, it encompasses art, culture, emotion, passion, health, and science all rolled into one. If they want pasta, it must be the best! People are beginning to associate themselves with food that gives them pleasure and set them on a path to gluttony.

With all the merriment and explosive night outs, odds are you might wake up the next morning and realize you came home with a companion: A hangover! It’s nothing new, we have all been there, in fact, it happens to the best of us. Though we don’t advice you going over the limit but, sometimes happiness and fun can make us go over the top.

Beef is an important food as it provides us with the necessary nutrients needed to keep our body healthy. Interestingly, A 4 ounce serving of wagyu beef nourishes the body with ten essential nutrients including Zinc, Protein, and B- Vitamins (B6 & B12). The other nutrients are Iron (helps the body to use oxygen), Choline (supports nervous system development), Selenium (helps protect cells from damage), Phosphorus (helps build bones and teeth), Niacin (supports energy production and metabolism), and Riboflavin (helps convert food to fuel).

It is that time of the year when the breeze is back, and the temperature is dropping, it is a time when friends, families, campers, rock climbers, and adventurers leave the comfort of their homes and embark on an amazing outdoor bonding experience. To make it worthwhile; there must be good food, food prepared fast and with relative ease, mostly from a grill. One of such food that requires grill expertise when outdoor is the burger because a well-grilled patty will produce maximum taste and optimal tenderness.

November is here! Which also means it is Movember! A month when men grow and groom a moustache to help raise fund and create awareness about men’s health especially prostate cancer and depression. According to the world cancer research fund international, 15% of all cancer cases in men are prostate cancer, affecting an alarming number of over 1.1 million men worldwide; this makes it the most dominant cancer faced by men.

Prostate cancer affects the prostate gland, the gland that is in charge of producing some of the fluids in semen. It also plays a crucial role in urine control in men. The prostate gland can be found below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Most times, untested men may not know they have developed prostate cancer until its later stage. There are several symptoms to look out for in order to detect prostate cancer early.

Noticeable symptoms include:

  • More frequent urination, especially at night
  • Difficulties, pain or burning sensation while urinating
  • Feeling like the bladder is never empty
  • Difficulties starting or stopping urination
  • Blood in urine stream and semen
  • Discomfort in the pelvic region
  • Bone pain
  • Erectile dysfunction

Lads Burger is joining the movement, and we encourage both men and women to join and support us on this journey by Growing the Mo to increase awareness (for only men, of course :)).

We believe that increased knowledge will increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments and ultimately reduce its mortality rate. Together we can make a difference.

Grow Mo with Lads and win with us.

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Everyone loves… No, everyone adores pasta. It is such a foodie favourite that most people compare the love for it to that shown by cats to catnips. Offer people pasta, and they instantly become your friends! But you know what else is better? Great pasta! It does not only make you forever friends, but it also creates loyalty.

Therefore, we are pleased to tell you that your taste bud is about to experience something new, something it has never tasted before. The Lads Shrimpy pasta!

The Lads Shrimpy pasta is the newest addition to Lads pasta family, and it consists of crispy bits of Shrimps, Parmesan cheese, Spinach and Meuniere sauce with twisted lemon all combined to form a gloriously glossy sauce that clings perfectly to each strand of tender yet toothsome pasta!

If you need a classic meal for any moment be it a family get together, parties, brunch, launch or dinner, the Shrimpy pasta is that gourmet meal for a magical moment. It is an ultimate comfort food fit for kings. You have to start appreciating yourself better with good food; therefore, it’s time for you to drive your taste buds to ecstasy with Shrimpy pasta’s flavorful goodness.

We are constantly faced with mysteries and unsolved questions about life, relationships, nature, methods, foods and virtually everything in our day to day existence. However, humans are curious, and as such, they keep on unraveling various secrets of life through research, revolutionary innovations, and science. Here is another mystery brought to you by Lads Burger which needs to be solved to unlock the unique Lads secret menu.

What is this Lads secret menu, you ask? No one knows! No one has ever tasted it before! It is a special menu that appears differently every month! Each month has a different secret menu, it is hard to predict, it is hard to determine, and in fact, it is a mystery! Do you have what it takes to be the first to make history? To reveal that which has never been exposed! All you have to do is to answer the questions to the secrets, and the doors to the mystery menu will open to you! The ordering of the secret menu can be done on Lads webpage, call centre, and dine in.

Are you adventurous? Are you curious? Do you love new things? If yes, we implore you to join Lads and let’s embark on this journey of discoveries together by downloading our app, visiting our webpage and participating actively. Come on! It is going to be fun! And remember no one is too young to play and no one is too old to learn.

Lads secret! Every month is a new secret and a new meal!



Q: Can Wagyu beef be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet?

A: Definitely yes! A 4-ounce serving of Wagyu provides you with more than ten essential nutrients needed for daily healthy living. These nutrients include protein, iron, zinc, vitamins B12 and B6, choline, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, and riboflavin. Additionally, Wagyu beef is rich in Omega-3 which has good cholesterol and is healthy for the heart.

Q: How much Wagyu beef should I eat at a meal to meet my daily protein requirements?

A: Not all food sources have all the nine essential amino acid which are building blocks of proteins, except animal protein sources such as Wagyu beef. Therefore Wagyu beef is a great protein option and source of essential nutrients to enjoy any day and for any meal! Dietary guidelines recommend that adults eat about 5.5 ounces of protein foods, including beef, per day which is about 25-30 grams of protein for optimal body benefits. Thus, adding Wagyu beef into your various meals will help you meet your required protein needs, increase satisfaction level, and preserve lean muscle mass.

Q What are the benefits of the ten essential nutrients to the body

A: Wagyu beef contains high-quality protein which helps to preserve the muscles, manage weight, and prevent chronic diseases. It also contains zinc and B-Vitamins which help to build muscles, heal wounds, maintain the immune system, contribute to cognitive health, and improve brain function. The other nutrients are Iron (helps the body to use oxygen), Choline (supports nervous system development), Selenium (helps protect cells from damage), Phosphorus (helps build bones and teeth), Niacin (supports energy production and metabolism), and Riboflavin (helps convert food to fuel). With Wagyu beef, you can say it has it all.

Q what nutritional benefits does Wagyu beef offer me that other proteins don’t

A: Wagyu beef is a nutritional powerhouse in a smaller package than any other protein foods providing about 25 grams of protein per Wagyu serving. Furthermore, it would take about 8 ounces of a cooked chicken breast to gain the same about of iron contained in just 3 ounces of Wagyu beef, and nearly about 20 ounces of chicken to get the same amount of zinc in a serving of Wagyu beef.

Q Does Wagyu beef improve cholesterol levels?

A: Absolutely! Research shows that a heart-healthy lifestyle that includes Wagyu beef, even on a daily basis, improved cholesterol levels. Wagyu beef contains 50% mono-saturated fatty acids which reduce cholesterol levels, prevent chronic diseases, and help in weight loss. It further has a significant amount of both oleic and linoleic acids which functions to improve the heart and immune systems, fight cancer and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, Wagyu beef has the lowest amount of cholesterol when compared to other kinds of meat, 10mg per 100 gram.

Q Can plant-based diets and proteins provide the same amount of protein as Wagyu beef?

A: Many sources of plant protein do not have all the essential amino acids needed for your body. Wagyu beef provides more protein and nutrients than any plant proteins in significantly fewer calories. A 4 ounce Wagyu beef supplies about 280 – 330 calories and 25 grams of protein making it an ideal option that will satisfy your daily value for protein and prevent deficiency.



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