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With all the merriment and explosive night outs, odds are you might wake up the next morning and realize you came home with a companion: A hangover! It’s nothing new, we have all been there, in fact, it happens to the best of us. Though we don’t advice you going over the limit but, sometimes happiness and fun can make us go over the top.

This companion hangover is still a bit unclear, but general symptoms according to science include dehydration, mineral loss, low blood sugar and other unpleasant signs and effects associated with too much alcohol. Hydrating with food can help counter the effects of dehydration and restore the lost minerals in the body system. However, we have good news!

Greasy food like Lads 70's might just be that cure for that companion you came home with.

The Lads 70's B is that perfect food to make you come back to life after a wild night. It contains an egg, placed on top of a perfectly charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef patty. If you are not a fan of eggs in burgers, this is going to blow your mind. The meat is well seasoned, and it synchronizes harmoniously with the egg, making it a little moist and chewy. A bite will give you an equal ratio of meat to the egg. It further comes with amazing ingredients such as homemade pickles, fresh mushrooms, grilled onions, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese.

All these made it more flavorful, juicy and downright amazing!

All in all, the Lads 70's B is a distinct food that will re-energize you. It can be a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal, depending on your choice. It is that ultimate hangover cure you have always looked for. We don’t encourage you to get carried away, but when you do, Lads 70's B is your insurance back to health.