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Everyone loves… No, everyone adores pasta. It is such a foodie favourite that most people compare the love for it to that shown by cats to catnips. Offer people pasta, and they instantly become your friends! But you know what else is better? Great pasta! It does not only make you forever friends, but it also creates loyalty.

Therefore, we are pleased to tell you that your taste bud is about to experience something new, something it has never tasted before. The Lads Shrimpy pasta!

The Lads Shrimpy pasta is the newest addition to Lads pasta family, and it consists of crispy bits of Shrimps, Parmesan cheese, Spinach and Meuniere sauce with twisted lemon all combined to form a gloriously glossy sauce that clings perfectly to each strand of tender yet toothsome pasta!

If you need a classic meal for any moment be it a family get together, parties, brunch, launch or dinner, the Shrimpy pasta is that gourmet meal for a magical moment. It is an ultimate comfort food fit for kings. You have to start appreciating yourself better with good food; therefore, it’s time for you to drive your taste buds to ecstasy with Shrimpy pasta’s flavorful goodness.