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Have you ever seen an animal pampered so much and treated like royalty? Wagyu beef is one of such animals. It is beef from Japanese origin and considered as one of the best meats in the world! Reason for this is obvious. The Wagyu beef is incredibly tender and has a buttery flavorful taste, and when chewed, it melts in the mouth giving off a mouth-filling savouriness combined with a palate coating richness! It further has a high concentration of mono-saturated fats and Omega 3s. No wonder it is considered the most prized meat in the world! I know what you are thinking:


The rearing of Wagyu beef sets it apart from others. Yes, that is what makes it rare and expensive. They say “good things don’t come cheap” and that is what Wagyu beef is all about, the crème de la crème of meat. Back to our discussion, for a cow to have the Wagyu mark, the cattle have to be raised under strict guidelines. The emphasis for Wagyu beef is on luxury ethical treatment. The cattle feed on high-quality meals such as ground apples and other fruits, seaweeds and omega 3, and the hays are cut to a certain length so they wouldn’t have to chew too much.

In some other cases, they are massaged daily, and sometimes with sake as a proxy for exercise to further increase their marbling. They also play them classical music, to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. In reality, the Wagyu beef is treated like nobility and kept happy at all times, and this makes the beef uniquely delicious and satisfying.

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