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If you happen to be one of those who has a special thing for fruits especially mango and avocado in almost anything and everything, then this article will surely entice your taste buds!

Lads Burger located at Jumeirah – Dubai, is that cozy restaurant that serves mango and avocado stuffed inside burgers! Yes, you heard it right! mango and avocado on top of a 100% Wagyu beef patty! Yummy right? This super combo of fruits and burger is a public delight not just for its unique style, but also for its burst of sizzling and gourmet flavour. Here comes the big question:


The distinction of the Big Lads burger comes from its unique ingredients, and also in their preparation. The Big Lads served at Lads Burger is super lush and crispy at the same time, primary because the burger buns are fresh and the inside is deep-fried in hot piping oil and then smothered with a generous serving of sauces, mayo and white cheese. If you happen to be a spice lover or an extra sauce junkie, just know you can customize the Big Lads however you want it in line with your preferences and taste.

Here comes the main stuffing, which includes bite sliced pieces of mangoes and avocadoes, flavorful and juicy slices of bacon and beetroot then topped with onions and dripping signature chef’s sauce. The joy of binging on crispy fresh buns alongside juicy and flavourful slabs and slices of bacon, beetroot, mango, avocado and charcoal grilled 100% Wagyu beef patty is glorious! A bite will give you memories. It is undoubtedly a treat to the palate and a spectacular sight to the eye.

If you ever think of deciding on the new gourmet burger addiction, do come to Lads Burger or order online and try out this yummy delicacy.