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Burger has always been an astounding food. It is a global sensation satisfying millions of appetites in different countries, cultures and religions. Having achieved worldwide presence, vegans and vegetarians still feel left out when it comes to gourmet burgers. Some of the existing vegan burgers out there are poor imitations of meat patty which makes them underwhelming. Here is the good news! The V Burger made by Lads Burger is 100% plant-based designed to fry, taste and smell outrageously good! Astonishing, right?

Burgers are always about people, efficiency, deliciousness and innovation. That is what the V Burger is, creatively satisfying the taste for uncommonly juicy burgers that are plant-based. Therefore if you are a meat abstainer, the V Burger is that gourmet burger for an extraordinary experience that will blow your mind! It delivers all the flavour, aroma and thick rare taste ever desired from just plants!

Here comes the big question what makes Lads V Burger unique? Lads Burger is meticulous and prepares all burgers with passion, an art perfected culinary skills, inspired curated recipes and premium ingredients because Lads cares. The Lads V Burgers are made from mixed fresh vegetables with Iceberg lettuce, homemade pickles, and vegan sauce inside a special bun made from dark wheat and oats. The amazing thing about the V Burger is that it is not overly spongy rather the texture holds together as one would expect in a burger. A bite would give you an equal ratio of all the ingredients, as well as, a delicious and tantalising taste, sending your brain on a hard and indefinable sensation!

Who says Vegan burger can’t be juicy, sizzling, flavorful and gorgeously delicious? V Burger debunks such claims, because the bun squishes, the lettuce crunches, and the pickles snap! If you are looking to reduce or cut out meat but fear you will miss the experience of eating meat, the Lads V Burger is a solid substitute. It is tasty, light, and ethical – what more could you want?