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It is that time of the year when the breeze is back, and the temperature is dropping, it is a time when friends, families, campers, rock climbers, and adventurers leave the comfort of their homes and embark on an amazing outdoor bonding experience. To make it worthwhile; there must be good food, food prepared fast and with relative ease, mostly from a grill. One of such food that requires grill expertise when outdoor is the burger because a well-grilled patty will produce maximum taste and optimal tenderness.

Beef is an important food as it provides us with the necessary nutrients needed to keep our body healthy. Interestingly, A 4 ounce serving of wagyu beef nourishes the body with ten essential nutrients including Zinc, Protein, and B- Vitamins (B6 & B12). The other nutrients are Iron (helps the body to use oxygen), Choline (supports nervous system development), Selenium (helps protect cells from damage), Phosphorus (helps build bones and teeth), Niacin (supports energy production and metabolism), and Riboflavin (helps convert food to fuel).

Food is a necessity. We all need to eat to gain enough strength to carry out our day to day activities. However, for some people, food is not just food, it encompasses art, culture, emotion, passion, health, and science all rolled into one. If they want pasta, it must be the best! People are beginning to associate themselves with food that gives them pleasure and set them on a path to gluttony.



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